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White Tara practice

Each year we finish our teaching program at the Peaceful Land of Joy Meditation Centre with prayers and meditation on the practice of White Tara. This year the session will be held on Sunday 11 December at 4pm. The practice of White Tara can awaken our potential for peace and happiness

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Spring Festival 5-6 November

Festival time at the Peaceful Land of Joy Each year we hold the Buddhist Spring Festival in November to celebrate the rich Buddhist culture, share meditation classes with the community and open the Peaceful Land of Joy Meditation Centre temple and gardens for people to enjoy. This year the Festival is

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Rose Garden Open Days on 8 & 9 April

The Tibetan Buddhist Society’s Rose Garden Open Days will be on again on 8 and 9 April. Visitors to the Peaceful Land of Joy often remark upon the special atmosphere of peace that is felt as soon as they arrive, and the Garden Open Days are a wonderful opportunity to experience

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Learn to meditate – New course 26 March

Find your inner state of peace within For many centuries the Western world has made rapid material progress. In this 21st century increasingly we have learned that material prosperity alone is no guarantee of happiness, contentment or peace. And so we have begun to look inwards – drawing on humanity’s

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Five years of Sunday lunches

The 5th anniversary of the lunch program at Banksia Gardens Community Centre in Broadmeadows earlier this year is a reminder of the origin of this effort. The Sunday lunch and weekly afternoon tea supplies for the Homework Club at Banksia are part of the Tibetan Buddhist Society’s Fundraising Program to

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Garden working bees

Special garden working bees will be held on Saturdays 24 October and 21 November from 10 am to 12 noon to prepare for our festival and Rose Garden Open Days. The gardens are already looking beautiful but many beds need sprucing up to help support the vision of peace and

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Medicine Buddha Retreat – January 2016

This seven day New Year Retreat will be held from 3 to 9 January 2016. The Medicine Buddha practice is specially for healing and helpful for treating outer and inner illnesses. Outer illnesses are those we are familiar with. Inner illnesses are the afflictions of negative karma and the delusions, which

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Gold Roof Project

Not long before he passed away in 2011 Geshe-la established a project to complete the ornamentation of the temple by gold leafing the roof. Geshe-la said that the temple would be his repayment for his life on this earth, repaying the kindness shown to him especially by Australian people.  The work commenced in

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