Join us as we commence a new cycle of the vast and profound Path to Enlightenment teachings from 4 pm on Sundays (check the calendar from the front page), beginning at the first chapter of Geshe Loden‘s definitive lam.rim text, Path to Enlightenment in Tibetan Buddhism.  

The lam.rim, or graduated path, tradition covers the entire scope of Buddhist thought. It begins with the foundational subjects showing how we can establish an effective meditation practice and gain insight into our own experience and perspectives. It leads us through the special understanding of impermanence, and the nature of cause and effect, or karma, and how it shapes our lives.  

Reaching our highest potential 

Finally it explains how we can reach our highest potential based on the all encompassing positive minds of great love and great compassion.

With these most powerful of all motivations we are able to perfect all of our qualities. Ultimately we can realise the deepest wisdom and experience the enlightened mind – with limitless capacity to benefit others. 


One of the special qualities of path to enlightenment texts is that the focus is primarily practical rather than theoretical. Each subject includes an explanation of how to cultivate meditation to deepen our understanding of it. The practice of lam.rim is life-changing. 

If you are able to attend the entire course you will emerge with an holistic understanding of the most important subjects and practices of the Mahayana Buddhist path and how to practise them.

Or you can choose to attend individual sections of the course that will give you an understanding of key concepts – e.g. impermanence, karma, cyclic existence, great love and compassion – and show you how to bring these understandings into your daily life. 

Course teachers

Nick Sleeman, Martin Horan and Venerable Anna Goldstein (all pictured), will lead the 2024 Path to Enlightenment course – nine weeks each in this sequence.

About the classes

You can join the classes in the magnificent traditional Tibetan temple. All welcome.

The temple is a wonderful and serene space, featuring a 12-foot statue of Shakyamuni Buddha and unique Tibetan artworks called thangkas. Cushions for those who like to meditate cross-legged, and chairs to suit others’ comfort. Delicious refreshments and an opportunity to chat after each session.

Sunday classes comprise a guided meditation, a talk, Q&A. A $10 facility charge. All proceeds support the upkeep of the temple and gardens. No need to register.

You can also visit the beautiful 10-acre gardens, and Enjoyment Shop before classes start. The gates open at 1 pm.

Address: Tibetan Buddhist Society, 20 Cookes Road, Yuroke, Vic 3063