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The Buddhist meditation tradition is equally relevant today as it was 2,600 years ago at the time of the Buddha. Happiness depends on mind and meditation is the supreme method for training the mind. We don’t have to change our belief system, we don’t have to become a Buddhist to practise meditation.

The Tibetan Buddhist Society Buddhist temple in Melbourne offers instruction in the beautiful grounds and temple of the Peaceful Land of Joy meditation centre.

The Buddhist Path

For those who  would like to explore the Buddhist path, to learn more about Buddhist psychology, philosophy and advanced meditation techniques we offer a range of classes and retreats.

In addition to our teaching programme we hold festivals twice a year, and regular garden open days.

Classes at a Tibetan Buddhist Temple in Melbourne

Classes and retreats are held at the temple, but can also be attended online.


Over a few weeks, the introductory classes explain how to meditate, and how to develop a meditation practice.

Path to Enlightenment

The Path to Enlightenment series presents the entire Buddhist path, providing instruction on a range of meditation techniques, the nature of the mind, the nature of happiness and unhappiness, how to cultivate a good heart based on compassion and explanation of conventional and ultimate truth.

January, Easter and mid-year retreats

Live-in retreats provide the opportunity to explore meditation practice, and to enjoy the serenity of our beautiful grounds and temple. Suitable for new and also experienced students.

Vajrayana classes

These are the advanced meditation practices of Vajrayogini and Yamantaka for experienced students who have received the appropriate empowerments.

Vajrayana retreat

2 or 3 week live-in retreat for experienced students who have received the appropriate empowerments.

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Contribution for online classes

You can contribute for attending online classes here.

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