Tibetan Buddhist Society retreats continue to attract a strong following with students near and far, with a plenty more to come this year.

To date there have been two retreats in 2024 including The four seals with Martin Horan in March and the Easter retreat on Calm, clarity and the warm heart of compassion with Ven Anna Goldstein. Both were well attended and from participant reports both helpful and enjoyable.

Since our last newsletter in October 23 there has also been the three-week Vajrayogini retreat with Les Sheehy in September and October and a one day retreat, Buddhist Wisdom with Michael Joseph, at the end of October. Below are some photos from last year’s Vajrayogini retreat.

What’s next includes the May Meditation Day with Nick Sleeman and Mind Training with Les Sheehy for a week in June.

Joyful retreaters following the final session of the 2023 Vajrayogini retreat 2023
Viv and Terese filling the offering bowls
Daily feeding of the birds with Matt
Kitchen duties for one and all!