Buddhist Spring Festival - Weekend of 9 and 10 November - Tibetan Buddhist SocietyTibetan Buddhist Society Buddhist Spring Festival - Weekend of 9 and 10 November - Tibetan Buddhist Society

Buddhist Spring Festival – Weekend of 9 and 10 November

Buddhist Spring Festival

Connecting with Kindness

Weekend of 9 and 10 November


Join us for the beautiful Buddhist Spring Festival on the weekend of 9 and 10 November from 10.30 am – 4 pm. Admission includes attending talks, experiencing guided meditations for adults and children, tours of the traditional Tibetan temple and Peaceful Land of Joy gardens in all their spring glory.

Connecting with Kindness is the theme of the festival. This weekend event is a rare opportunity to appreciate how kindness and meaningful connection are essential to our health, happiness, and community.

We depend on each other for everything, from the food we eat to all our buildings and roads and health services.  Most of us are also closely connected through technology and media, but social isolation, loneliness, and anxiety are increasing.


Ceremony for World Peace

Speakers at the Ceremony for World Peace in the temple at noon on Saturday will talk about how we can connect better with each other to sustain quality relationships, peace, and purpose in our lives.


Hear our special speaker on connectedness Gilbert Rochecouste

Hear keynote Ceremony for World Peace speaker, Gilbert Rochecouste – recognised locally and internationally as a leading voice in the art and skill of placemaking. His role in the creation of vibrant, resilient and loved places springs from a life-long belief in the value of connectedness to create community and individual happiness and wellbeing.

Gilbert, the founder and managing director of Village Well, has worked with over 1000 cities, towns, main streets and communities over the past 25 years.

Sunday Forum

Panelists at the Sunday forum will talk and answer questions on how open minds, respect, and kindness are vital for individual and group survival and wellbeing.

Meditation teachers will explore how we connect with our true nature when we give to others – our time, listening, support and presence – and embrace kindness and compassion.

Community health and well-being 

This festival focuses on community health and well-being and we’re inviting local groups involved with young people, social justice, the environment, and gardening to add their connections and diversity to the weekend.

Festival attractions include an array of delicious savoury foods, home-made cakes, spiced chai tea, coffee cart, market, book stalls, the Enjoyment Shop and Tibetan photo exhibition.

There will be free entry to all four talks and three guided meditation sessions over the weekend. We welcome you to connect with kindness at our festival which runs each day from 10.30 am to 4 pm.

We acknowledge the kind support of the Victorian Multicultural Commission for this event.

Gate entry is $5 or $10 for two adults and school age children or younger. Entry entitles you access to all talks, guided meditations for adults and children, the Ceremony for World Peace on Saturday and Sunday’s panel forum and all garden and temple tours.