Meditations on the Path to Enlightenment


Meditations on the Path to Enlightenment, the second book in Tushita’s path to enlightenment series, has a special emphasis on the theory and practice of meditation. There are many methods taught by the great Buddhist teachers for opening our minds and improving our capacity to benefit others. However, all have as their cornerstone a sound practice of meditation. Like the other volumes in the series, Meditations presents the full range of lam.rim subjects according to the traditional methods and presents many quotations from classic Buddhist texts.

The unique features of this book, however, are the detailed instructions contained in each chapter for meditation on the stages of the path and the extensive explanation of emptiness. Quintessential verses concerning emptiness were specially translated for this title from the classic texts such as Engaging in the Bodhisattva Deeds, Aryadeva’s Four Hundred Verses, the Heart Sutra and other Buddhist classics.

601 pages, 4 colour photos, 20 line illustrations.



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