Each newsletter we invite a volunteer to supply their photographs for this guest spot. This time Martin Horan shared his many lovely pictures of students, members and volunteers of the TBS community with an added bonus of his great shot of the magnificent rainbow over the temple. We hope you enjoy this selection:

An auspicious rainbow covers the magnificent traditional, holy Tibetan temple at the Peaceful Land of Joy Meditation Centre.
Angela coordinating visitors during a festival in 2022.
Students sharing lunch in the rear temple courtyard.

Les Sheehy offering scones during a retreat.
Deb and Cat serve dessert at New Year.
Ven Manikam making dosas to share with everyone at the centre.
Enjoying an Abbey Road moment at the gate with Martin, the photographer, on hand.

Volunteers gardening in a non-lockdown period mid pandemic.
Chris cleaning windows during a temple working bee.

Car park team and other festival volunteers at a festival pre pandemic.