The Refuge of Peace and Joy – Meditations for Troubled Times

with Tim McKibben

There are so many worries at the moment – the economy, COVID, war in Europe, floods and climate change. How do you stay positive in all this uncertainty? How to let go of the worry, and find clarity and balance in yourself?

Fortunately, meditation is not just for the good times. Its’ transformative power shines through when facing difficulty. Meditation nurtures peace, compassion and resilience. As the mind calms down, it becomes happier, more positive and the way ahead becomes clear. This broadens horizons – then you can be there for others, and for the world – as parent, partner, friend, children or citizen.

This retreat will focus on the Buddha’s wonderful methods to develop clarity, stability, compassion, love and the extraordinary mind of enlightenment. Cultivated over time, these qualities will become an inexhaustible wellspring of joy to help you navigate a world in turmoil.

We look forward to welcoming you to our 2022 Easter retreat, to be led by Tim McKibben.  Tim is a long-time student of the Society’s founder and spiritual guide, Venerable Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden. 


The retreat is suitable for beginners and experienced meditators alike.

There will be six meditation sessions each day. The first session will commence at 7am on Friday 15 April and the retreat will finish after lunch on Monday 18 April.

Unless the COVID situation changes significantly in the coming weeks, the retreat will be held on site in the beautiful environment of the Peaceful Land of Joy meditation centre.  Participants also have an option to attend online.

Onsite attendees can stay at the centre for the duration of the retreat.  Accommodation is limited and will be available on a first come, first served basis.  Participants are also able to attend onsite on a daily basis, provided they observe COVID protocols.  Additional rapid antigen testing requirements will apply to participants who are not staying on site.

Living in onsite gives the best retreat experience.  The retreat is fully catered and there is ample opportunity during the session breaks to stroll and enjoy the peace of the centre’s beautiful gardens.

Tibetan Buddhist Society members can redeem their Retreat and/or class discount vouchers for this event.. If you would like to become a member click here.


There are a number of ways you can attend the retreat. You can live-in, attend but not live-in, or attend on-line. For all options, you will need to register below.



The Tibetan Buddhist Society follows government COVID protocols.

For this retreat we will also be putting some additional measures in place to help minimise the possibility of COVID infection. While we can’t eliminate that possibility, these measures are intended to give participants greater confidence that they can join the retreat

Participants with triple vaccination will be able to attend onsite and other participants are very welcome to join us online. Onsite attendees will need to undertake a rapid antigen test at home within 24 hours before coming to the centre and have no cold or flu like symptoms before or on arrival.

Onsite participants staying at home will need to take a rapid antigen test at home each day before coming to the centre and have no cold or flu like symptoms before or on arrival.

If a participant becomes unwell during the retreat, they will need to let someone know, and head home, where they will be able to continue the retreat online. In such a case they will be asked to conduct at least 2 rapid antigen tests at home 24 hours apart and let us know the result, so we can let other retreaters make an informed judgment as to whether they would prefer to continue the retreat online rather than stay onsite We can refund/adjust retreat fees if a person needs to leave the retreat in these circumstances or to shift online.

Cushions and chairs in the temple are placed at the recommended distance apart. There is plenty of hand sanitiser, and sanitised wipes for regular cleaning in all areas before and during the retreat. Food will be served as per the government guidelines.


For more information about the Easter retreat, please email