Saturday night discussion group will resume at a date to be advised


Taking a Peak at Reality on Saturday nights

Is life just a series of fleeting experiences or are we missing something far more profound? The Buddha explained that all the conventional appearances of the world have an ultimate nature of emptiness. Emptiness is right there before us but we never see it, which is a pity as knowing it permanently ends all of our unhappiness and suffering. Realising selflessness eradicates any false sense of ego and the difficult emotions such asĀ anger, greed, worry and depression that go with it.

In his text Great Treasury of Mahamudra, Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden explains many methods for accessing reality. Commencing at 7:30pm on Sat 15th October we will be discussing excerpts from Great Treasury of Mahamudra.

The group is informal and friendly and you are welcome to stay for a tea afterwards. Printouts will be supplied but if you have the book please bring it along. There is a facility charge of $5 per class.

There is a $5 facility charge to attend. If you have any questions about the Group, please contact Tim McKibben at the Centre on 9333 1770.

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