Path to Enlightenment in Tibetan Buddhism

Sundays from 4.00 to 5.30pm.

Shakyamuni Buddha is said to have taught eighty four thousand different Dharmas – each of them a counter to the eighty four thousand negativities of body and mind that afflict living beings. Profound and vast in scope, the teachings of Dharma show innumerable methods enabling us to understand our position in cyclic existence, to identify and reduce our negative minds, and to cultivate the highest qualities and flawless insight. Knowing exactly which of these methods we should practise, at what time and in what order is not always easy.

The lam.rim, or Path To Enlightenment, tradition is designed to help us practise the various methods shown by the Dharma systematically, by setting them out in a clear and structured manner, with each subject logically leading on to the next. Students are led step by step through the teachings of small, medium and great scope, with the understanding of each step serving as a foundation for the next. The Path to Enlightenment is like a practice manual – showing us exactly which methods to use at which time to develop greater wisdom, a good heart and skilful actions for the benefit of ourselves and others.

The Path to Enlightenment begins by equipping us with a basic understanding of our current situation – our need for guidance and the position in which we find ourselves during this human life. Studying the subjects of death and impermanence, rebirth, refuge and karma motivates us to avoid the most unfortunate states within cyclic existence. By cultivating an understanding of the four noble truths and the twelve dependent links we are motivated to eliminate thoroughly the confusion and negative habits that bind us to cyclic existence and cause us to experience its gross and subtle forms of suffering.

Inspired by the teachings on the mind of enlightenment, we build the determination to achieve the highest objective possible – perfecting our capability to benefit every living being without exception, by realising the state of enlightenment. Through the practice of the six perfections, culminating in the perfection of wisdom, we accomplish ultimate benefit for ourselves and others.

Originated by the great Buddhist teacher Atisha, and promulgated in Tibet by renowned masters such as Jetsun Tsong Khapa, the Path to Enlightenment tradition is key to the methods taught by Tibetan Buddhism. For this reason when the Venerable Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden began teaching in Australia more than 30 years ago, his main focus was on the lam.rim. Similarly, when Geshe-la first began writing Dharma books, his first priority was to complete Path to Enlightenment in Tibetan Buddhism, one of the most extensive and comprehensive lam.rim books in the English language.

Path to Enlightenment in Tibetan Buddhism serves as the textbook for the course, which is held each Sunday from March to December each year. Each teaching focusses on a particular subject of the text. If we really want to understand how to put the Dharma teachings into effect in our own life, the methods taught in this course provide the perfect starting point.

These classes are held on Sundays from March, after the Tibetan New Year Festival weekend, until December. Classes are not held during the annual retreat periods at Easter and September/October. Please enquire at the Centre for more details.

Each class incorporates a talk and a guided meditation in the traditional Tibetan temple, followed by afternoon tea. There is a facility charge of $10, with proceeds going to support the temple. You should wear loose fitting comfortable and warm clothing. Seating is available in chairs or on meditation cushions.

All are welcome to attend any of the classes in this series. Classes include a guided meditation and an opportunity for questions.

Facility charge – $10 per person.

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