Still mind, kind heart: Easter Retreat 25-28 March

If we’d like to bring more well-being and contentment into our lives, developing a still and peaceful mind is the essential foundation.

The teachings on calm abiding show us how to progressively experience greater stillness and concentration. We do this by familiarising ourselves with the basic skills supporting concentration – using methods such as mindfulness and awareness.

Developing even a little more mental stability and balance will quickly improve the quality of our life. The more we deepen our concentration, the more we can use meditation to transform our perspectives, habits and experience.

In the Buddhist tradition, the most meaningful use of meditation is the cultivation of our love and compassion, leading to the highest motivation – the altruistic mind of enlightenment, or bodhichitta. As we learn to combine a stable, focussed mind with the bodhichitta motivation to benefit others, all of our actions can become effective and beneficial.

In this retreat we will learn the practical methods to develop a still and focused mind – the path to calm abiding – as well as the means to apply our meditation to develop the supreme good heart.

The Tibetan Buddhist Society’s Easter retreat is one of our most popular & widely enjoyed events. Experience the unique relaxation that comes from taking a few days out of our busy lives to let the mind settle into its natural peaceful state. With the company of your fellow retreaters, the opportunity to enjoy the centre’s beautiful gardens and the delicious home cooked food, this retreat is a wonderful way to spend the Easter break.


The retreat starts at 7am on Friday morning and concludes at lunchtime on Monday. Accommodation on site is available, or you can travel to the centre each day.

Accommodation is limited so please contact us to register your interest. You are welcome to arrive at the centre to stay from Thursday afternoon.

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Contact us:

For more information please contact Jean or Rebecca by email to or phone 9333 1770.


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