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  • 2017 teaching program

    Our regular teaching program resumes 26 March 2017, the weekend after the New Year Festival. Introductory Classes – new series commencing 1.30pm Sunday March 26 For Buddhist or non-Buddhist alike, and for the religious or the non-religious, the Buddhist methods of mindfulness, relaxation and mental tranquillity have the ability to

  • New work on the golden roof project

    The glorious vision of a golden roof to complete the temple by our founder and spiritual guide, Venerable Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden, has come a long way since many of us wondered how we might ever achieve such a major undertaking. This offering to all the Buddhas and bodhisattvas and

  • Saturday night discussion group

    Taking a peek at reality on Saturday nights Is life just a series of fleeting experiences or are we missing something far more profound? The Buddha explained that all the conventional appearances of the world have an ultimate nature of emptiness. Emptiness is right there before us but we never

  • Five years of Sunday lunches

    The 5th anniversary of the lunch program at Banksia Gardens Community Centre in Broadmeadows earlier this year is a reminder of the origin of this effort. The Sunday lunch and weekly afternoon tea supplies for the Homework Club at Banksia are part of the Tibetan Buddhist Society’s Fundraising Program to

  • Healing and relaxation retreat – Queens Birthday weekend

    Why not revitalise over the Queens Birthday long weekend with a retreat on the extraordinary healing meditation practice of Medicine Buddha? The retreat is open to people at all levels of experience. The retreat program runs over two and a half days from Saturday 10 June to lunchtime on Monday 12 June. The first