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  • 2018 calendar

    The complete 2018 calendar is available as a download from here

  • New introductory series commence 4th February

    A new 6 part series commences Sunday 4th February. Details about the series can be found by downloading the brochure

  • Finding peace in a changing world

    Abundant Joy from the Land of Snows – Tibetan New Year Festival How do you feel about the state of our world? There is much going on in the world today that could cause us to feel dispirited and even hopeless. So, should we simply switch off? Is ignorance bliss?

  • Our teaching program

    Our regular teaching program is on a three week break from 23 September. Classes begin again on Saturday 21 October. Introductory Classes – new series commencing 1.30pm Sunday October 22 Tim McKibben will introduce a three week series at 1.30pm exploring techniques for developing mindfulness, relaxation and mental tranquillity. Path to Enlightenment

  • New work on the golden roof project

    The glorious vision of a golden roof to complete the temple by our founder and spiritual guide, Venerable Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden, has come a long way since many of us wondered how we might ever achieve such a major undertaking. This offering to all the Buddhas and bodhisattvas and