Retreat Survey


The Tibetan Buddhist Society is considering holding additional short retreats e.g. a one day retreat on a Saturday (One day retreat) or a 1.5 day retreat on Saturday and Sunday morning (1.5 day retreat)

For each of the following please indicate if the feature listed would make you more or less likely to want to attend a short retreat or would make no difference. (At the moment we don’t have any preferred approach but these possibilities have been floated with a view to making it feasible to offer more frequent retreats given that doing so depends on volunteer support).

If you are interested in helping to make the short retreats proposal come to life, or otherwise join our volunteer team to help deliver our retreats generally (if you don’t already do that) then feel free to give your name and contact details below and indicate how you’d like to be involved. If you’d like more information and would like someone to contact you please indicate that below.