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Summary of TBS Melbourne Directors’ meetings – 24 June 2023 and 26 August 2023

These summaries are provided to inform interested supporters and friends of the Peaceful Land of Joy Meditation Centre about recent issues discussed at TBS directors’ meetings.

Melbourne directors meet four to six times a year. After each meeting a summary will be posted on the Community Information page on the Society’s website with a link from regular newsletters and communications. You may wish to bookmark this link on your browser.

24 June 2023

Updates from last meeting

Online Sunday classes –YouTube streaming has ceased and numbers coming onsite have increased in the last few weeks

Tushita books presentation to Great Stupa; Nick and Deb presented the books at the library opening

Code of Conduct

Rosie outlined the background to the draft TBS Code of Conduct which complements the previously adopted complaints procedure.

The Community Support Team (CST) has prepared the draft and it has been through several reviews.  As part of the process CST looked at similar codes, including those published by other Buddhist centres.  Like those it aims to set out key principles and values

The current draft has been through multiple reviews within the CST.

The directors suggested some minor updates.  The draft will be returned to the CST to prepare a final version for approval.

First Aid training

A member of the community suggested that the centre undertake updated first aid training for a few people who are regularly at events, to supplement those who currently have qualifications and potentially purchase a defibrillator.  The directors agreed with the suggestion in principle.  The person who made the suggestion was not in a position to coordinate the process from here however and given existing commitments to TBS activities none of the directors present felt they were in a position to take the lead on it.  We’ll consider whether there might be one or more other members of the community who might be interested in running with the suggestion and if so we can approach them to see if they are.

May Community meeting

Martin gave a brief account of the May community meeting with the focus on volunteer experience, the proposed volunteer hub and strategic communications ideas.  The group came up with a number of great ideas on both main subjects, with these being sent back to the CST and publicity teams for consideration.  The notes of the meeting are being finalised and will be placed on the community information page soon.

Other business

Working bees: Tim mentioned that attendance at garden and temple working bees had been lower recently and suggested that if possible, it would be useful for more directors to attend them as it could encourage other people.

Next meeting: Saturday 26 August 2023 at 1.30pm

26 August 2023

Updates from last meeting

  • Code of Conduct: requested updates have been made and an update has been provided for this meeting to review.
  • First Aid training: One of the people approached has indicated they could be available to coordinate the process, and they will confirm after the Vajrayogini retreat.

2024 Calendar

Christine presented the draft calendar on behalf of the events and classes team.  A few things to note:

  • The Gardening team is still deciding how many open days they would like to offer in 2024.
  • Placeholders for two TBS social events have been proposed by the CST. In response to queries as to the extent of demand this would place on volunteers Martin and Rosie explained that CST envisaged it as a minimal effort event – e.g. , just issuing an invitation to go somewhere outside TBS and people who would like to can turn up if they wish. It was suggested that social events held on a Saturday should be later in the afternoon so that people who like to be at the centre on Saturday morning can attend.
  • There is an increased number of Intro classes in this calendar, compared to last year.

Solar Panels proposal

Chris presented a proposal to install solar panels at TBS. For a 30kw system, which would be the maximum we would be allowed to install, it is projected that it would be paid off in about 4 years.

There was discussion about the potential places to locate the panels.

All the directors are in favour of going ahead with installing solar panels.  The location will be finalised as we get more advice.

It was suggested that we do a fundraising promotion, as this is a project that many in our community would like to get behind, and that whatever wasn’t covered by fund raising could be covered by TBS.

Code of Conduct

The directors approved the updated Code of Conduct and requested the CST to finalise it.

Other business

Review timing of PTE class.  Anna indicated that the events and classes team will ask current and recent PTE students for their preferred class time. The team will come up with a series of options based on this. The options can then potentially be discussed at the next community meeting.

Next meeting: Saturday 21st October  2023 at 1.30pm