Community meeting notes – 25 May 2024

 Rosie welcomed everyone to the meeting.

 Loden Rinpoche update 

Michael gave an update on Loden Rinpoche since the community catch up earlier in the year.  Michael described the search and identification process that led up to the hair cutting ceremony by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala in February.  Rinpoche has now commenced his studies at Sera Monastery, having started school in March. 

Michael showed some recent photos and videos including some of those that had been shown at the earlier community catch up. 

Rinpoche will spend a number of years at Sera-Je Monastery school and then transfer to the Geshe program.   Potentially he may visit Australia before completing his Geshe studies but, if so, it would not be for several years. 

The formal enthronement of Loden Rinpoche at Sera is scheduled for 3 November 2024.  We have requested whether the ceremony can be live streamed, and we are awaiting an answer. 

An email will come out soon with further information.  

We have been advised that while the ceremony is scheduled for 3 November, it is always possible that this date could change – for example if His Holiness the Dalai Lama were to schedule teachings at around the same time. 

Proposal for book of names for prayer support – Tim


  • Tim raised an idea about having a way of including prayers for people in our community experiencing sickness or other hardship.
  • The idea is to have a book on the temple altar, in which people can write their name and as much or as little detail as they wish about health or other issues. Someone could only enter information about another person if they had permission.
  • This would complement light offerings.
  • There are various possibilities for how prayers could be done
    • If people are aware they could include these people in their daily practice.
    • Start of Vajrayana classes the names could be mentioned.
    • There could be a dedicated prayer group/healing group done on a regular basis.


  • At classes ‘people listed in the book’ could be mentioned generally, without going through each individual name. As names grow, they could be collectively remembered in prayers.
  • Suggestion that if we had a regular healing practice session it should be once-a-month instead of weekly due to a currently busy classes schedule.
  • Having the book of names on altar will feel like it is blessed.
  • Simple and self-managed. 


Tim will tease out a proposal and run it by the Events and Classes team and directors. 

Social events program – Martin


  • The Community support team (CST) organizes 2 x social event catch ups per year, as a good way for members of our community to catch up outside of volunteering.
  • Café Bliss in February was the first community social event for this year, which went very well, and included a tour of Tara Institute.
  • These events need to be low effort, people make their own way there, simple, and just turn up.
  • Visit to Quang Minh temple is the next social event on July 20th;. An invitation email has been sent. There will be no charge but we will be encouraging people to make an offering.
  • We would like some ideas about future social events.

 Discussion – Ideas for future social events:

  • Visit to Sikh temple.
  • If one or more people want to arrange a visit to the Great Stupa, they will need to help the CST by project managing it, as there are some special organisational requirements for group bookings to the Great Stupa.
  • Macedon Ranges gardens (open garden?) and Devonshire tea.
  • Blue lotus gardens (Dec-April).
  • Dandenong Ranges gardens.
  • Tulip festival.
  • Other Buddhist centres/temples in Melbourne.
  • Marnong Estate winery (picnic on the lawn with option to purchase food from a truck).
  • Cafe at Urbnsurf Tullamarine.
  • Devonshire tea, Woodlands Park.
  • Botanic gardens.

 TBS Code of Conduct – Rosie


  • It is usual for organisations to have a code of conduct, and the directors approved the CST to draft this for TBS.
  • The Code of Conduct went through several drafts, and final version was approved by directors.
  • It is based on Buddhist principles, general ethical conduct, and regulatory requirements.
  • Congratulations to the CST for writing the Code of Conduct, with special mention to Angela who pulled together the original draft.
  • It will be uploaded onto the Community webpage in a couple of weeks.
  • A TBS Complaints process has previously been prepared and is also on the Community page.
  • The TBS Community web page is not accessible from the front page of the TBS website. It is available via a link however. This link is published on CST email communications; people can bookmark the link and check for updates.


Open forum – thoughts / ideas / questions


  • Most of the discussion related to possible financial initiatives.
  • These included
    • Having a facility for regular donations on the website, as well as one-off.
    • Information on the website that would assist anyone wishing to make a bequest – whether for Loden Rinpoche or the centre generally.
    • Building awareness that running and maintaining the centre involves some significant costs.
    • Perhaps creating a facility for people to support designated causes – eg temple maintenance, Loden Labrang, garden etc.
    • Onsite donation facility – card present donations.
    • Addressing concerns people might have about using Stripe, the online payments platform the centre uses. Information on the website explaining the role of Stripe and the security of online payments and information, including that credit card information is not retained, could be useful.
    • Bank transfer (EFT) options for people who do not wish to pay by credit card.

 Meeting closed – Rosie thanked everyone for their contributions to the very successful meeting.