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Vajrayogini Classes – new alternating teaching and meditation series

Commencing Monday 4 March 2019


We are introducing a new method to deliver Vajrayogini classes in 2019, alternately teaching with a stronger focus on meditation every second week. A class curriculum will be published on the Tibetan Buddhist Society’s website in the next few weeks.

Vajrayogini practice is a profound method for quickly achieving ordinary and powerful attainments. There is no superior way of making our life meaningful than to dedicate it to the practice of Venerable Vajrayogini.

Through this practice, we can easily achieve the Vajrayogini pure land in the course of this lifetime. Each week we practise the Vajrayogini Sadhana, including tsog offering.

Based on Sera-Je Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden’s Path to the Union of Clear Light and Illusory Body, Michael Joseph will provide instructions covering the practice of tantra in general, of highest yoga tantra, and particularly the practices of Venerable Vajrayogini.

On the alternate week, the session and meditations will initially be led by Venerable Anna Goldstein.

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