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Tibetan New Year Retreat


This year’s Easter retreat from 30 March to 2 April will be on the profound practice of calm abiding, the pathway to deep concentration and the ability to hold the mind on any object we like.

Finding Inner Peace and Wisdom through Calm Abiding explores Buddhist meditation methods to develop inner calm and the precious mind of bodhichitta that arises out of pure great compassion.

Using the special instructions and meditations from our founder Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden’s Path to Enlightenment in Tibetan Buddhism we will quieten and still our minds in the deepest way.

Over four days we will develop our understanding of wisdom on the path to enlightenment, exploring subjects such as impermanence, karma, great love, great compassion, bodhichitta and the ultimate wisdom, the emptiness of inherent existence.

This popular retreat offers a rare opportunity to relax from life’s busyness and challenges and enjoy the gentle autumn environment with like-minded people. The retreat is suitable for new and experienced meditators alike. Participants can live in or attend each day.


Jean D’Cruz is the course leader. She is a meditation and Buddhist teacher, who for 25 years was secretary to the Society’s founder, Geshe Loden. She supported his day to day activities in developing the centre and delivering its program, as well supporting the preparation and publishing of his nine books. Jean studied all the teachings in the program delivered by Geshe-la and undertook multiple yearly retreats. She now teaches the range from introductory teachings to tantric methods for experienced students. Jean has degrees in psychology.