Staying connected during lockdown - Tibetan Buddhist SocietyTibetan Buddhist Society Staying connected during lockdown - Tibetan Buddhist Society
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Staying connected during lockdown

The COVID pandemic is causing suffering for so many of us in Australia and around the world.

For communities in extended lockdowns, the separation from friends and family can be isolating and difficult. Unable to attend classes in person, we encourage our Tibetan Buddhist Society (TBS) community to keep connected with each other and ask that you check-in with people you know who may be unwell or living on their own.  

For many of us, accessing online teachings also helps to keep connected to the Dharma, provide a sense of belonging to the Sangha community and offers some extra structure to the long, lockdown weeks! There is now a wealth of precious teachings to explore on YouTube both from TBS and elsewhere. 

And, if you would like someone from the TBS Community Support team to contact you, please let us know by emailing us at  

Please take care of yourselves and each other.