19 August Retreat Day Registration

To register for the day, please complete the form step by step (1 – 6). Then pay with your credit card.

Registrations will be accepted until 10.00 am the day before the retreat.

If you are a current (financial) member of the Tibetan Buddhist Society and you wish to use your Retreat Discount Voucher for this coming Retreat Day, do not complete this form, write to Events@Tushita.org 

1 Personal Details

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Your phone number (recommended – in case of emergency evacuation, etc)

2 Attending the Retreat Day

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3 Facility Fee

A facility fee is levied to meet the costs of offering the retreat day.
A concessional rate is provided for those on Australian Government Age and Disability pensions, Jobseeker and Newstart allowances, and the Low-Income health care card.
We do not accept the various government Seniors cards for concession.

4 Duration

How long will you attend the retreat day? (required*)
Please note that the retreat day is designed as an immersion in Dharma and meditation rather than a selection of classes; hence, please choose from the available options.
Meditation Schedule (optional – tick the boxes if you want to retain a copy of the session times).

5 Queries and Practical Matters

If you have any queries, please include them in the box below.
Please do not attend the retreat day onsite if you have cold or flu-like symptoms or if you have recently had COVID.

6 Payment

To finalise your registration, please enter your credit card details, then press Pay now.

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