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Path to Enlightenment – online retreat

17 – 23 January 2021

The path to enlightenment (Tibetan, lam rim) has the means to eliminate all sources of unhappiness and to realise immeasurable benefit for self and others.Other meditation practices can help with symptoms, but only the path to enlightenment has the methods for treating the causes of dissatisfaction, anxiety, fear and confusion at their source.

The founder of the Tibetan Buddhist Society Sera-Je Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden said, “if the lam rim cannot help your mind, nothing can help your mind.” Path to enlightenment is the necessary basis for higher meditation practices including tantra. A good building is dependent on strong foundations. Similarly, success in the practice of tantra depends on the sound foundation of path to enlightenment.

This retreat will be led by Michael Joseph, a long-time teacher at the centre and student of Venerable Geshe Loden since his twenties.

It will comprise four sessions online daily, will take you through the three principal paths – the paths of small, medium and great scope. You will receive instruction and guided meditation on the main lam rim subjects, including impermanence, karma, dependent origination, the four noble truths, compassion, love and emptiness.

Session times are: 7 – 8.30 AM
10 – 11.30AM
2.30 – 4.00PM
7 – 8.30PM

The retreat will be held using Google Meet. Please register for the retreat here. Once you have registered we will provide you with details of how to attend online.

There is no charge, but if you would like you can donate online. The registration form includes details of how to do this.