Provisional Retreat Registration Form

Please read the main registration form before completing this provisional form.

All single rooms have been filled, and it is very unlikely any will become available now.

Please note that intermittent attendance (such as attending alternate days or attending for a couple of days and then returning later in the week) is not possible. If you need to do something slightly different, please write to or include details in the comments box below.

To provisionally register, complete the form step by step (sections 1 - 5) then press Register. We will get back to you soon.

1 Personal Details

1 - Questions:
Your name (rPleequired*)
Your email address (required*)
Your phone number (required*)
Emergency contact/next of kin (required if you are an outsider staying at the centre or attending full-time onsite)

2 How will you attend the Retreat?

This is a residential retreat, but a limited number of part-time commuting and online options are provided for those who are unable to stay.

2 - Questions:
Will you stay at the centre, commute, attend online, or are you a TBS resident? (required*)
Additional questions may follow that apply to the attendance mode you choose.

3 Duration

The first session of the retreat will be at 7am on Saturday 10 June, and the final session at 11.30 am on Friday 16 June, followed by lunch.

3 - Questions:
What is the first day you will attend the retreat? (required*)
What is the last day you will attend the retreat? (required*)
Additional questions may follow that apply to the mode of attendance you selected.

4 Facility Fee

The facility fee supports the expenses of providing the retreat.
A concessional rate is provided for those on Australian Government Age and Disability pensions, Jobseeker and Newstart allowances, and the Low-Income health care card.
We do not accept the various government and other Seniors cards for concession.

4 – Questions:
Facility fee: choose the type of fee which applies to you (required*)
TBS annual membership retreat discount voucher use (optional)

5 Practical Matters and Queries

For everyone's health and wellbeing, please do not attend onsite if you have cold or flu-like symptoms or if you have recently had COVID.
If you have any queries or would like to provide additional information or explanation, please use the box below.

5 - Questions:
Comments and queries (optional)