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News from Tushita Publications

During his lifetime Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden wrote nine exceptional Dharma books through Tushita Publications. The Tibetan Buddhist Society in Melbourne continues to distribute many Tushita books to people in Australia and overseas. 

Along with distribution to individuals and groups in every Australian state, we appreciate the contribution of the other Tibetan Buddhist Society centres in promoting these wonderful books to their students. The Enjoyment Shop in the Melbourne temple also sells the books to students coming for classes. 

Recently, Geshe-la’s books have also gone airmail to countries such as France, Canada, USA, Italy, Portugal, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, Sweden, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Spain, Japan, New Zealand, South America, India, Switzerland, Singapore and Mongolia. 

The work of the Tushita Publications’ team involves a wide range of tasks. Orders are received and if necessary, we check to ensure the purchaser has appropriate initiations to receive some of these books. 

A volunteer then packs and posts the orders and the finance committee oversees the receipting and financial processes. When needed we initiate a book reprint, which involves minor editing, working with the printer, approving changes, visiting the printer to check colour plates and checking each of the printed books for quality. 

Last year a group of supporters donated money and time to acquire and assemble extensive shelving to safely house all the books in one special storage area. This respects the great Dharma legacy of our precious teacher Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden and makes access to the books and their distribution much easier. 

For volunteers the reward is knowing that individuals from all over the world gain benefit and comfort from Geshe-la’s teachings, and that our teacher’s great work is recognised.

By Venerable Cathy Evans 

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