Class terms – based broadly on school terms – are being piloted in 2018.

The main impact is a slightly earlier start to the year and class breaks during April, June and September, aligned with the Victorian Government school holidays.

Some holiday periods have activities such as key events and retreats.  But the class program will be focused on the terms to benefit both students and volunteers.

Term 1 classes begin on Sunday 18 February, apart from introductory course, which is held throughout the summer and already underway.  Therefore, Path to Enlightenment with Tim McKibben begins on Sunday 18 Feb, Vajrayogini with Jean D’Cruz on Monday 19 February and Yamantaka with Martin Horan on Wednesday 21 February.

The other change is a slightly earlier end to the year recognising how busy people can be in December with festive preparations and work and social engagements, and that for the last two years, and potentially next, we have had programs with visiting teachers in January.

We will monitor the new system during 2018. Any of our directors look forward to hearing your feedback.

The 2018 class calendar is here. A print version is available in the shop and temple.