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New teams

Bringing innovation and change

Innovation and change continue at the Tibetan Buddhist Society.  With the introduction of teams, the tasks involved in organising retreats, classes, festivals, garden open days, and working bees are shared.  

The teams provide a forum for sharing ideas, introducing new ways of doing things, listening to viewpoints of all team members, assisting each other to achieve a shared vision, and developing relationships within the sangha.

During this year, a new meditation class has been added to the TBS study program on Tuesday mornings.  

The Gardening team have organised for Garden Open Days to be held on the first Saturday of the month. 

The Community Support team will be organising the next Community Meeting to be held at 2pm on Saturday 27 November, followed by afternoon tea, COVID permitting.  This meeting is open to all and is an opportunity to participate in the growth of the TBS. The meeting will be online and if possible on site. If you have any suggestions for the agenda please email 

The Technology team has helped support the delivery of classes, retreats and festivals online during the past 18 months.  Plans for the next 12 months include building infrastructure for a new website and developing the centre’s audio-visual capability so that the team can continue to support online delivery of activities from our precious temple.

Organising events often involves teams working both individually and collaboratively with each other.  The Retreat team recently organised the Queen’s Birthday Retreat, and are in the process of organising the upcoming Vajrayogini Retreat.  This involves collaboration with both the Technology team and the Publicity team.  

The Festival team is looking at new ways to deliver the upcoming Buddhist Spring Festival.  You can read more about this in their article.  Find out more about the projects of the Charitable Activities team and Gardening team, in this newsletter too.

If you are interested in joining any of the teams, or finding out more information about our teams, please click here.  

By Deb Di Meo