Mid-year Mahamudra Retreat Registration & Payment

This year's June retreat at the Tibetan Buddhist Society (Melbourne) will be 6.5 days on the topic of mahamudra. The retreat will be led by Les Sheehy, a student of the Society's founder Venerable Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden since 1976, and resident teacher of the TBS Perth centre.

The first session of the retreat will be at 7am on Saturday 10 June, and the final session at 11.30 am on Friday 16 June, followed by lunch. The cost for the whole retreat staying onsite is $764. The cost for attending online is $312. Full information is provided below when you choose an option (there is no need to save the form to see the information).

The mahamudra retreat is suitable for all students, although you will find it beneficial to have completed some study of the Path to Enlightenment. The content will be drawn from Venerable Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden's Great Treasury of Mahamudra.

Each day's teachings and meditations will draw on the learning of prior days; therefore it will not possible to opt in for irregular days or commence after Sunday 11 June. If you have any queries, please write to Events@tushita.org

Registrations will be accepted until:
– commuting and online (via this form) 7 June
– residential: all single rooms have now been filled. If you are interested in a shared room (subject to availability) please complete a provisional registration at step 5.

To register, complete the form step by step (sections 1 – 6) then pay with your credit card. If you are a TBS resident, go to Step 5.

1 Personal Details

1 – Questions:
Your name (required*)
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Your phone number (required*)
Emergency contact/next of kin (required if you are staying or attending full days onsite*, optional for others)

2 How will you attend the Retreat?

This retreat is designed for full-time residential attendance; however, a limited number of part-time commuting and online options are provided for those unable to stay.

2 – Questions:
Information for newcomers (optional)
Will you stay at the centre, commute or attend online? (required*)
Additional questions applicable to the type of mode you choose will follow.

3 Facility Fee

The facility fee supports the expenses of providing the retreat.
A concessional rate is provided for those on Australian Government Age and Disability pensions, Jobseeker and Newstart allowances, and the Low-Income health care card.
We do not accept the various government and other Seniors cards for concession.

3 – Question:
Facility fee – see below

4 Duration

4 – Questions:

How long will you attend the retreat? (required*)
Additional questions will follow which apply to the mode of attendance you selected.
Meditation Schedule (optional – tick boxes if you want to retain a copy of the session times, especially if you are attending online).

5 Practical Matters and Queries

For everyone's health and wellbeing, please do not attend onsite if you have cold or flu-like symptoms or if you have recently had COVID.

5 – Questions:
Queries (optional)
Provisional Registration: If you are a current member of TBS and wish to use your annual Retreat Discount Voucher, or if you are a TBS resident, or if you wish to to do the retreat slightly differently than listed above, please complete a Provisional registration form at the link below.

Please Click Here

6 Payment

To finalise your registration, please enter your credit card details, then press Pay now.

Please note that cancellation will incur a levy of 3.5% to cover the bank transaction fees.

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