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Marvellous fundraisers

Supporting Tibetans in India

Marking the tenth Anniversary of Geshe Loden’s passing, the Tibetan Buddhist Society (TBS) recently held a very special fundraiser to support Tibetans in India who are struggling during this difficult COVID period. 

On 28 August and 4 Sept TBS YouTube broadcast two recordings of Geshe-la’s marvellous teachings. The first, given in 1990, explained bodhichitta, Buddha nature, the five powers for use during life and at the time of death, and ended with a meditation on great compassion. The second covered a more extensive explanation of bodhichitta.   

All donations for the talks are being sent to His Holiness the Dalai Lama to distribute to Tibetans in need in India.  If you missed the talks but still wish to make a donation please click on this link.  May we dedicate this merit towards the rapid return of our extraordinary teacher and spiritual guide.

We would also like to thank Venerable Manikam Nedumaran and Tim McKibben for the technical work involved in restoring and broadcasting these beautiful teachings.

And, for newer students, a final note on the choice of the word “marvellous”. It was one of Geshe-la’s favourite ways of describing very precious and beautiful things – most particularly in relation to the Dharma.

Fundraiser to improve temple dining room acoustics

In June 2021 we launched a fundraiser to improve the acoustics in the temple dining room. Due to sound bouncing off all the hard surfaces it can be very difficult to hear when there are gatherings in the area. None of us are getting any younger, so this is likely to become more of an issue for many of us as time marches on!

After looking into various soundproofing solutions, the use of melamine foam ceiling panels, to cover 30% of the dining room ceiling, has been proposed (see picture). The quote to provide and install these panels to 30% of the ceiling is $5280. This will provide a meaningful improvement in the acoustics.

Due to the financial impact of the pandemic, we’re aiming to limit expenditure to essentials where we can. However, a group of people who like the idea of this work going ahead in the near term, were keen to contribute to a community fundraising effort. So far, thanks to the generosity of our community, we have been able to raise $3250.

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If you would like to contribute, please refer to the details below. If we are unable to raise sufficient money within six months, your donation will be returned. If we raise more than the target amount, this money will go towards more of the ceiling panels. 


You can donate by way of cash, cheque or EFT (Tibetan Buddhist Society, BSB 083-347, Account number 02532-1679). Please indicate that the money is for the ‘dining room’ and include your name. We’ll issue a receipt in the usual way. If you have any queries, please contact Rosie on 0407 545 245 or Paul (Sox) on 0411 743 359.