January Retreat Information

Tibetan Buddhist Society

Path to Enlightenment Retreat

with Les Sheehy

Onsite and Online: 22 – 28 January 2023

Our summer retreat for 2023 will be a one-week retreat on the Path to Enlightenment to be led by Tibetan Buddhist Society (Perth) teacher, Les Sheehy.

Les is resident teacher at the Society's Perth centre, which he established in 1981 at the request of the Society's founder, Venerable Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden. Les received the profound Tibetan Buddhist teachings from Venerable Geshe Loden and Venerable Zasep Tulku Rinpoche, and has practised meditation, studied, and taught throughout his adult life.

Les will teach extensively from Geshe Loden's Path to Enlightenment and guide meditations throughout the week.


About the Retreat

The retreat will be offered in residential, day-commute, and online modes. You can do different modes on different days if you wish. However, in general many people find that staying onsite for the duration of the retreat offers the most comprehensive and stable retreat experience.

Whichever way you choose to do the retreat, you must register online and pay at least 3 days before the retreat commences.

If you wish to stay at the centre, we encourage you to register early, as accommodation is limited.


Retreat Program

The daily schedule will comprise 6 sessions of teachings and guided meditations. These are the indicative session times:

am:  7.00 * 9.30 * 11.30
pm:  3.00 * 5.00 * 7.30

The first meditation session of the retreat will commence at 7am on Sunday 22 January.

The final day of the retreat will comprise 3 sessions and end with lunch.


Onsite Meals and Refreshments

Meals will be prepared onsite. The main meal each day will be lunch. Meals will normally be vegetarian, although on occasion meat will be offered as well. Please note that as a volunteer organization, we are unable to cater for a variety of diets (eg, paleo, keto, etc). If you have an essential dietary requirement (eg, if you are diabetic) please let us know when you register for the retreat.

A refreshments station will be set up for personal use between sessions.

Attendees will participate in preparing morning and afternoon teas, washing up after meals, and cleaning the dining room and temple, etc. Mealtimes will be:

breakfast 8 am
lunch 12.30 pm
dinner 6 pm


Staying at the Centre

We have a limited number of rooms available onsite for residential retreaters which generally fall into two categories – single rooms or shared rooms. (See below for information about the costs for these options.)  Bathrooms will be shared in all cases.

You can stay onsite for a minimum of 2 nights. Rooms will be allocated as registrations and payment are received. Single room priority will be given to those doing the full retreat onsite; however, since there are limited rooms of either type, we cannot guarantee availability. We urge onsite retreaters to register early.


Complete your provisional registration online using the link in the registration email and select your preferred accommodation option.

On receipt of your registration, we will let you know whether the type of accommodation you requested is available. If so, once you confirm you wish to proceed we will email you a link to the payment form, enabling you to pay for the retreat and finalise your registration.

If we cannot provide accommodation of the type you requested, we will let you know whether an alternative accommodation type is available so you can decide what you would like to do.

Retreat cost – Staying Onsite

Basic retreat costs for those staying at the centre for the full retreat are as follows:

All sessions & meals: $541
All sessions & meals (concession): $385

Accommodation – whole retreat

Single room: $224
Shared room: $154

So for example, the full non-concessional retreat cost for a person who registers with a single room would be $765.

(The registration form also summarises the costs of the various options.)



Commuting each day may be a good option if you live reasonably close to the centre or wish to attend a reduced number of sessions each day. If you choose to commute, please be aware that many onsite attendees prefer that their retreat experience is kept separate from the “outside world”.  So please be mindful when re-entering the retreat each day to leave the activities and events of life outside the retreat at the gate.

To provide a more settled retreat experience for onsite attendees, attending single sessions will not be available. The minimum attendance will be half-day (3 sessions). Three options are offered:

Full day:  7am – 9 pm (6 sessions, all meals)
Daytime: 9.30 am – 6pm (4 sessions and lunch)
Half-day: 3 sessions and breakfast, lunch, or dinner

Please note that for catering and other reasons, you will need to do the same option each day. If you wish to do half-days, you will need to stay for the same meal each day.

The online registration form will allow those who wish to attend on a commuting basis to indicate

• which of the three options you prefer
• the days and dates you will attend
• and if doing half-days, whether you will stay for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Retreat cost – Commuting

The costs for those attending the retreat on a commuting basis depend on the number of days you wish to attend and which of the three options you select:

Day rates

Full day: $90
Full day (concession): $60

Daytime: $70
Daytime (concession): $50

Half-day: $45
Half-day (concession): $30

Once we have received your provisional registration via the online registration form, we will email you the cost based on the option you have selected, and a link to the payment form, enabling you to pay for and finalise your registration.


Attending Sessions Online

Online attendees will link-in via Google Meet. The internet link for the sessions will be provided during the week before the retreat.

The online registration form will allow those who wish to attend retreat sessions online to indicate the number of days they will attend.

Retreat costs – Online

The costs for those attending the retreat on an online basis depend on the number of days you wish to attend:

Full retreat online: $312
Full retreat online (concession): $156

Per day online: $48
Per day online (concession): $24

Once we have your provisional registration, we will send you an email setting out the cost based on the options you have selected.  It will include a link to the payment form, enabling you to pay for the retreat.


Registration questions

If the online registration form does not cover special arrangements that might apply to you (eg, attending partly onsite and partly online) or if you have any other questions, complete the Query form below.


Arriving and staying at the Centre

If you are coming from interstate, please provide your flight details when available.

Residential retreaters will generally arrive in the afternoon of the preceding day (21 January) and have dinner at the centre (6pm). Could you please let us know your approximate time of arrival. As a general principle, we request attendees arrive between 3pm and 8pm. We can keep dinner for you if you arrive after 6pm provided you have let us know you are arriving on that day.

On arrival, please go to the temple to check-in. A volunteer will show you to your room.

You can wear your shoes in the temple kitchen and dining room, but not in the meditation room or your bedroom.

Please do not take food or drinks to your room, except water (hot water is acceptable).

Bring your own:

• soap and toiletries
• torch for walking from the temple at night
• slippers for walking to the bathroom
• sunscreen, insect repellant, hat

Some people choose to bring their own bed linen and/or towel. If this is your preference, please let us know in your registration form and our volunteers will leave your bed for you to make as you wish.


In the Temple

Please do not bring drinks or water bottles into the temple.

Ensure your mobile phone is set to silent/Do Not Disturb before entering the meditation room.

Please remember that a retreat is a special time to enhance your Dharma understanding and practice. Respect the purity of the environment and your own and others' retreat experience. While it is not a silent retreat, please avoid distractions such as singing, dancing, yoga, etc while inside the temple.


Member Discount

TBS annual membership includes a retreat discount voucher valued at $30. If you wish to use your voucher for this retreat, indicate this in the online registration form.


Concession Rates

Standard rules for concession rates apply. Australian government age and disability pensions, jobseeker and newstart allowances are accepted. Victorian government seniors card is not accepted.


Cancellation Levy

A levy of 3.5% will be charged to cover the bank transaction fees if a refund is requested due to change of mind.


Further Information

Additional information will be provided to attendees in the week before the retreat. If you have any queries, send us an email using the form below.

Please note that the Tibetan Buddhist Society is a not-for-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers.

The retreat team
Tibetan Buddhist Society
20 Cookes Road Yuroke, Vic 3063

Provide details above, plus your name and email address below, and press Submit. A member of the retreat team will get back to you soon.