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Freedom from lockdown

The Queen’s Birthday retreat was a wonderful opportunity to connect with a small but friendly group of Dharma students.

It’s amazing how effective just some simple breathing meditation can be to relax after a busy week!

This was my first online retreat and though it felt a bit strange to be doing a retreat online, after spending the whole week working from home, it was very different to what you might think.

Closing my eyes and calming the distractions in my mind while following the voice of the teacher was an amazing opportunity to feel some freedom in my mind from ‘the mental lockdown’ my delusions normally have me under.

Of course everything is relative isn’t it? So, while I was stuck in a lockdown “doing nothing” physically, I was still “out and about” in my discursive mind.

So the retreat was actually an amazing opportunity to really “sit still” both physically and mentally.

Thank you to Nick Sleeman and Tara Sleeman who led the sessions and everyone else involved in organising a wonderful retreat.

By Jonathan Parker

NB: Venerable Manikam is pictured here in the temple providing his wonderful technical support. The centre’s online 3-week Vajrayogini retreat is currently underway.