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Cultivating tranquility: how to calm a busy mind – Easter retreat 19 – 22 April 2019

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What would it take to invite enlightenment into your world? In the frenzied rush of modern life, it’s hard to even catch your breath, let alone properly relax. With perpetual worries and concerns clamouring for our attention, it’s easy to lose touch with that deeper part of ourselves – the peaceful mind.

Join Tim McKibben, the retreat leader, to take time to discover the natural wellspring of goodness that abides within each of us.

The retreat will step through the nine mental stages for developing single-pointed concentration and a clear focussed mind. Various meditations will be introduced including visualisation of an image of enlightenment, the Buddha.

Focussing on this gives the added benefit of awakening our own qualities of enlightenment such as compassion and wisdom, whilst developing clarity of mind.


Retreat Information

The retreat will be held in the magnificent traditional Tibetan temple at The Peaceful Land of Joy in Yuroke. The temple is situated in ten acres of flower gardens.

Between meditation sessions, you can take time to smell the roses, stroll the lawns and meander paths or sit in the shade by the lake. Both the food and company will be marvellous.

The sessions will be led by Tim McKibben, who studied Buddhist philosophy and meditation with the Society’s founder and spiritual guide, Venerable Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden, for many years, and is a director of the Society.

The retreat is suitable for newcomers and experienced students alike. It is best to live in for a complete break from day-to-day activities. Joining daily is also possible for those with family, pets or other needs.

For more information please phone 9333 1770 or email Jean at

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