New Year Meditation Festival 2020 - weekend of 29 Feb & 1 March - Tibetan Buddhist SocietyTibetan Buddhist Society New Year Meditation Festival 2020 - weekend of 29 Feb & 1 March - Tibetan Buddhist Society
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New Year Meditation Festival 2020 – weekend of 29 Feb & 1 March

For a kinder, more compassionate world…

You are welcome to join us for the New Year Meditation Festival at the Peaceful Land of Joy Meditation Centre from 10.30 am – 4 pm on the weekend of 29 February and 1 March.

‘We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.’ His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama of Tibet.

This 2020 New Year Meditation Festival combines a wonderful celebration of Tibetan New Year, centred around the magnificent, traditional Tibetan temple and 10 acres of beautiful and colourful gardens, with a focus on meditation.

For program booklet including full list of talks, guided meditations and other activities please click here.

Gate entry provides access to talks, tours, guided meditations for adults and children, Saturday’s New Year Blessing Ceremony, Sunday’s Q&A and children’s crafts. Plenty more including Tibetan momos (dumplings) available for your lunch and other activities listed below.

New Year Blessing Ceremony

Hear Dr James Godfrey, Spiritual Care Coordinator of the Thomas Embling Hospital, and other guest speakers at the New Year Blessing Ceremony, at 12 noon Saturday, explore how meditation, combined with love and compassion, are powerful tools that transform our lives.

Dr Godfrey says, “We shouldn’t be frightened of the value and benefit of love and compassion in our lives, or the value of service to the community. Faiths like Buddhism have so much more to offer beyond meditation and mindfulness. They offer treasures that people need in this modern world – a banquet of ways to live better.” The Ceremony also includes prayers and meditation for peace and harmony in the world.

At 11am Saturday, 10.30 am Sunday and 3.30 pm Sunday you are welcome to join free half hour guided meditations in the temple with both experienced and a new generation of teachers.

The Sunday afternoon meditation session will focus on Meditation for Happiness. Join one of our younger generation of students, Tara Sleeman, for meditation to help increase your happiness and enjoyment of life. Tara has been a student of Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden her whole life. She has received initiations and teachings from Zasep Tulku Rinpoche, and is a student of Les Sheehy (TBS Perth). On the advice of Geshe Loden, Tara is studying Information Technology (Bachelor of Design User-Experience) at Swinburne University, with the intention to make Dharma more accessible in this digital age.

Talks include:

Meditation for Difficult Times – 1.30pm Saturday 29 February

It can be very hard to keep our meditation going or start a meditation practice when life becomes difficult. However, this is the time when meditation can be so beneficial to anchor and steady us. Tough times also offer up the opportunity to tune in to the suffering of others. By recognising our own difficulties, we more easily empathise with others. Our own suffering becomes the fuel to develop the compassionate good heart. Some simple meditations which can be very beneficial during difficult times will be explained and practiced. The teacher, Rosie McKew studied for many years with the Tibetan Buddhist Society’s founder and spiritual guide Venerable Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden and is a director of the Society. Rosie works as a pharmacist.

Inner and Outer Peace through Meditation – 3pm Saturday 29 February

We would all like to live in a more peaceful and compassionate world. Bringing more peace and kindness to the world can only begin with us. Through meditation we can find our own inner source of peacefulness and kindness, and progressively bring this into all of our actions and relationships, and into our world. Martin Horan will teach this class. Martin studied for more than 30 years with Geshe Loden, the Society’s founder and spiritual guide. He is a regular teacher at the Melbourne centre and a director of the Society. Martin works as a senior lawyer in the finance sector.

The Dharma gate of joyful ease – 11.30 am Sunday 1 March

As meditation gained popularity due to the recognition of its innumerable benefits for the welfare of all, many forms of meditation are practised today; some even beyond the bounds of Buddhism. According to Zen Master Dogen (1200 – 1253), the zazen he speaks of is “simply the Dharma gate of joyful ease, the practice realisation of totally culminated enlightenment”. The public is interested in how to cultivate inner happiness through meditation. Zazen (seated meditation) is discussed in this context. Participants will be guided in a short meditation.The teacher, Ekai Korematsu Roshi, is the Abbot and resident teacher of Jikishoan Zen Buddhist Community. Born in Japan in 1948, Roshi studied humanities and Buddhism in Denmark and USA, and was ordained a monk by Kobun Chino Roshi in 1976 in the USA. Roshi received dharma transmission from Ikko Narasaki Roshi in 1986. His formal Buddhist training encompassed twelve years at three Japanese monasteries – Eiheiji, Zuijo and Shogoji. In 1999 Roshi established the Jikishoan Zen Buddhist Community in Melbourne.

Art of Meditation – your questions answered. – 1 pm Sunday 1 March

Bring your questions to this session and explore the art of meditation – with long time Tibetan Buddhist Society meditation and Buddhist philosophy teachers, Michael Joseph and Venerable Cathy Evans.

The Invisible Sun – 2pm Sunday 1 March

The marvellous sun illuminates our external world, giving life through an unceasing supply of colour and warmth. As we frantically rush through our hectic lives, how good would it be to find its counterpart in the internal world? The Buddha explained that through meditation we can discover just such an extraordinary source of peace and well-being within. The talk is by Tim McKibben who is an author and long-term student and director of the Tibetan Buddhist Society.

Other festival activities

Guided tours of the magnificent traditional Tibetan temple and the beautiful 10-acre gardens
Tibetan crafts and gift stalls featuring books on meditation and Buddhist philosophy
Second-hand bookstall to support our local community food program
Plenty of beautiful spaces to bring a picnic and relax on the lawn or near the lakes watching wildlife
Daily children’s meditation and activity session under the trees
Delicious Tibetan momos (dumplings) and other vegetarian food served at the rear temple food stall
Home-made chai tea and cakes
The temple ‘Enjoyment Shop’ with a huge selection of beautifully selected products and gifts

The gardens are especially peaceful and lovely with thousands of flowers and trees – beautiful varieties of roses, salvias, golden robinias, Californian redwoods, olive trees, birds and wildlife.

The magnificent traditional Tibetan temple is filled with Tibetan paintings, an 18 foot statue of Shakyamuni Buddha, and is a beautiful place for rest and contemplation.

We acknowledge the kind support of the Victorian Multicultural Commission for this event.

Daily entry is $5 a head or $10 for two adults with school age children and younger. Entry entitles you to talks, guided meditations for adults and children, Saturday’s New Year Blessing Ceremony, garden and temple tours and Sunday’s Q and A. All proceeds support the maintenance of the temple and gardens.