August Weekend Retreat Registration

9.30 am Saturday 17 August – 12.30 pm Sunday 18 August 2024

We invite you to join us at our August weekend retreat on the essential bodhicitta practice of The Five Forces to be led by Martin Horan. The retreat provides an opportunity for meditation and reflection in a structured, sessional format, interspersed with informal breaks, and is open to both experienced and new students.

To register, please complete all details below, then pay with your credit card.

If you wish to merely view the cost, choose an attendance option, the appropriate rate (standard or concession) and the duration of your planned attendance. The amount will then appear at the base of the form.

Registrations close Wednesday 14 August

If you are a current financial member of the Tibetan Buddhist Society and wish to use your annual retreat discount voucher, please write to us first at (ie, don’t complete this form).

* A red asterisk indicates the field must be completed to finalise registration.



You can choose to stay on-site at the centre for the whole retreat, which generally affords the most complete experience.

Alternatively you can commute to the centre each day, or attend online, or you can commute one day and attend online on the other. The available options are all listed.