Queens Birthday Weekend Retreat on White Tara

white tara9-11 June 2018

Why not revitalise over the Queens birthday long weekend with the extraordinary meditation practice of White Tara? Tara,‘ the mother of liberation’, expresses her peacefulness and compassion for all beings with a white radiance like the full moon.

She embodies pure heart-warming love and the perfect wisdom of enlightenment in female form. Geshe Loden, the spiritual head of the Tibetan Buddhist Society depicted Tara as “everything beautiful condensed into one”.

Visualising the perfect form of Tara awakens our potential for peace and happiness. In this retreat we will learn the four practices for developing peacefulness, love, energy and strength and explore Tara’s mantra.

This live-in retreat comprises 6 sessions of guided meditation daily, allowing plenty of time for relaxing in the centre gardens. The practice is suitable for new and experienced meditators alike.

If you would like more information or would like to register for the retreat please contact Jean at contact@tushita.org. 



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