Yamantaka Retreat

21 September - 4 October 2014

A profound practice

This year our annual highest yoga tantra retreat will be on the profound practice of Yamantaka, from Sunday 21 September to Saturday 4 October.

Through the profound methods of highest yoga tantra we can quickly remove obstacles to our practice and develop realisations. During this retreat, students complete recitation of 100,000 mantras and study Geshe Loden’s authoratative Yamantaka commentary, Ocean of Indivisible Method and Wisdom. The retreat will conclude with a fire puja, an extraordinary purification practice.


Those attending the retreat must have received Yamantaka initiation. 

A unique retreat experience

The Peaceful Land of Joy is set in beautiful rural surroundings just outside Melbourne. It is an ideal place for meditation, Dharma study and practice. The centre’s traditional Tibetan holy temple, blessed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in 2002, is a clear and peaceful space, with an exquisite 18 foot Buddha statue, and adorned with traditional thangkas and Tibetan ornamentation. Between meditation sessions, students can relax in the 10 acre gardens, including flourishing roses, exotic trees and a tranquil lake. Retreats at the Peaceful Land of Joy are a uniquely enjoyable and beneficial experience.

The Society holds a Vajrayana retreat each Sept/October, alternating between Varayogini and Yamantaka. Both retreats conclude with a fire puja.


The centre is a 15 minute drive from Melbourne International Airport and 30 minutes from the city centre. For more information contact us.