Peace in a Changing World

Details of the weekend program can be found here

17th and 18th March

Each year we hold the Tibetan New Year Festival to celebrate the rich Tibetan Buddhist culture, share meditation classes with the community and open our temple and gardens for people to enjoy.

Exploring meditation and insight

Over the weekend of 17 &18 March we’ll be reflecting on how we find peace in a changing modern world.

Buddhist meditation teachers from around Melbourne will lead meditations and talks on how we thrive during times of change and uncertainty, how we find compassion and kindness in our modern world and manage the pace of our busy lives. Buddhism has many methods for finding happiness, peace and calm.

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We’ve got two new sessions this festival – a meditation master class at 3 pm on Sunday for people wanting a deeper understanding of meditation and how it works. We also have a panel discussion at 1 pm with Buddhist leaders on the festival theme – peace in a changing world. Here we’ll get different perspectives and ideas on the modern challenges to peace in the world today.

There will also be free meditations throughout the weekend.

We also have children’s meditation sessions each day, a relaxed gentle session for everyone in the family with a story and meditation.

Blessing ceremony

The Blessing Ceremony at 12 noon is the main event of the festival and we invite keynote speakers from the community to share their thoughts on the festival theme and reflect on current issues in our world. There are also prayers and reflections on world peace.

This is a much celebrated and enjoyed community event. Each year we are delighted to be joined by Federal, State and local government leaders and representatives from different community groups and religious traditions including Buddhist centres, Christians, Hindus and Muslims.

Beautiful temple and gardensbrother-and-sister-in-front-of-temple-BSF14-web-800*600

The Peaceful Land of Joy Meditation Centre is one of Melbourne’s beautiful peaceful settings. Our magnificently vibrant temple is unique in Victoria, filled with Tibetan paintings and statues and a peaceful place to visit. It is surrounded by acres of flowering gardens including roses, salvias, and native Australian flowers.

Throughout the weekend there are tours of the temple explaining its history and significance, and of the garden, which is grown without pesticides.

Café, market & displays

We offer healthy fresh vegetarian food, chai, coffee and homemade cake. There’s a market with wares made locally and from around the world, including soaps, books, incense, cards, meditation stools and traditional Tibetan shawls, clothing and jewellery.

We also display beautiful images of old Tibet and re-established Tibetan communities, which flourish

ed in India after China invaded Tibet in 1959. Dvds and films are shown during the weekend of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s teachings and exploring the story of Tibet.