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Sunday community lunch program

The Sunday community lunch and weekly afternoon tea supplies for the Homework Club at Banksia Gardens Community Centre are part of the Tibetan Buddhist Society’s fundraising program to support people in need in our local community, founded by Geshe Loden in 2009.

Geshe Loden said: I live on Australian land, eat Australian food, drink Australian water. My shelter comes from Australia. My food comes from Australia. My helpers are Australian people. Therefore, I never forget the kindness of Australian people and the Australian Government. I continuously seek to repay that kindness.

Sunday lunch program

Each fortnight a team from the Tibetan Buddhist Society offers a cooked meal for local people in need at the Banksia Gardens Community Centre. It’s a relaxed event enjoyed by local people, some who travel from around Melbourne. Volunteers arrive at 11.45am to help set up, serve lunch at 12.30 and pack up by 2pm. We would greatly appreciate any assistance you can offer.

Homework Club

We are looking for volunteers to collect a few bags of fruit and snacks from the centre on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and deliver it to Banksia Gardens in Broadmeadows.

At the end of each term we receive a report from the coordinator of the Homework Club, Mandy Ellis, emphasising the importance of the weekly afternoon teas.

In September Mandy said, “Please thank all your volunteers once again for their amazing efforts in getting the afternoon teas to us for the children. The food is highly anticipated by them and greatly appreciated. The numbers attending this year continue to be very high. To give the volunteers an idea of the vast numbers of young people they have fed this year I have attached a quick basic graph that shows the number that have attended each session this year.”


The Banksia Gardens Sunday community lunch program and the Homework Club afternoon teas are a great way to get involved with the community, meet other volunteers and support people in need in our local area.We are looking for volunteers to be a part of the Sunday community lunch program and Homework Club.
Please register your interest for either of these programs here  

Please note that we do ask our volunteers to register for a free Working with Children Check –

You can also register to make a donation, which will help us to keep this important program running.

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