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Rose Garden Open Days on 8 & 9 April

The Tibetan Buddhist Society’s Rose Garden Open Days will be on again on 8 and 9 April.

Visitors to the Peaceful Land of Joy often remark upon the special atmosphere of peace that is felt as soon as they arrive, and the Garden Open Days are a wonderful opportunity to experience the soothing calm of the gardens, and to take time out from our busy lives, full of myriad demands on our time and attention.

The gardens are unique as not only do they feature many and various vibrant rose bushes, but also many varieties of trees, sweeping lawns, a lake and a spectacular traditional Tibetan temple. As usual, Devonshire tea, chai, cakes, etc. will be available in the delightful outdoor café, and there will be free garden tours.

The gardens are open each day from 11am to 4pm.

With an array of salvias and sweeping golden robinias enjoy the delicious taste of our homemade scones and jam in the peaceful courtyard. Free garden tours and meditation sessions are the perfect way to embrace the warmth and energy of this open weekend.

The changing seasonal foliage adds an additional layer of charm to the beautiful gardens surrounding this 10 acre property.

  • Bring family and friends and reconnect with nature.
  • Enjoy Devonshire teas, freshly baked scones & home made strawberry jam.
  • Free garden tours & organic, water wise gardening tips
  • Free meditation sessions in traditional Tibetan temple
  • Fascinating temple tours $5
  • Home made cakes, soup & savoury scones, freshly brewed chai
  • Book and plant stall raising funds for our charitable food program

Entry $5. Family rate $10 -parents & school age children or younger. All proceeds help support the temple and gardens.

Groups are welcome with special package for 8 or more people. $10 per person includes entry, Devonshire tea, temple and garden tour.

Please contact us on 9333 1770 or by email to to book a group or for more information.

Health experts and medical researchers are increasingly documenting the healing benefits of natural garden environments, and spending a few hours in our spectacular 10 acre Peaceful Land of Joy gardens is the perfect antidote to a week in the fast lane. “We have a unique temple garden in a peaceful and beautiful environment,” said the Society’s resident gardening expert, Venerable Tim McKibben, who will lead tours at this weekend’s Rose Garden Open Days.

“The design of the gardens around the temple and planting of roses, marigolds, salvias, satin hibiscus, lavender and trees create an environment to support reflection and calm. There are proven links to the restorative effects of nature, with research confirming that taking in the colour and flourishing of plants, flowers, trees and other natural elements is beneficial for people’s health[1].”

Many varieties of roses

The 10 acre gardens are maintained using environmentally sustainable methods. Many magnificent rose bushes in hundreds of varieties have been organically cultivated using recycled water and companion planting.

Lakes, sweeping lawns, sunny courtyards and 2000 trees adorn the property including 38 golden robinias, 23 Californian redwoods, 31 olives, weeping elms, willows and mulberries, cedars, Japanese maples, flowering cherries and blue spruce.

Other notable plants are many varieties of salvias, five varieties of Alyogyne including the brightly coloured Alyogyne or West Coast Gem (Satin Hibiscus), a drought tolerant Australian native, as well as Cistus, limonium, hemerocallis and golden bushes.

Thousands of birds of many species also enjoy the environment attracted by the bread and rice fed to them each morning for more than 20 years.

Tips on organic gardening and rose pruning

Regular free garden tours include tips on organic gardening, rose pruning, companion planting and water wise gardening. There will also be regular tours of the magnificent traditional Tibetan temple, one of very few of its kind in the Western world, led by Venerable Cathy Evans.

For visitors interested in learning about meditation there will be a free introductory guided meditation each day. Devonshire teas with home-baked scones and strawberry jam are served in our outdoor café, along with home-made soup, savoury scones and cakes and freshly brewed chai.

The Tibetan Buddhist Society is located at 1425 Mickleham Road (access via Cookes Road) Yuroke – Melways reference 385 J8 – enquiries phone (03) 9333 1770.

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