Introduction to Meditation

Learn to Meditate: Sundays from 1.30pm to 3pm, 25 June – 13 August 2017

Meditation practice helps us to see our potential for a more positive life. This series of seven classes shows the Buddhist approach to integrating our daily life and inner development by promoting the attributes of compassion, concentration and wisdom.

You will learn how to strengthen your positive qualities through regular meditation practice and hear Buddhist guidance for daily living.

You can strengthen your attention and awareness through meditation. Research shows many benefits for the psychological and physical well-being of meditators.

These series of classes introduce a range of foundation meditation techniques. We will explore Buddhist insights into the nature of mind and its potential and share practical advice from the tradition.

Each class incorporates a talk and some guided meditation in the traditional Tibetan temple, followed by afternoon tea. There is a facility charge of $10, with proceeds going to support the temple and gardens. You should wear loose fitting comfortable and warm clothing. Seating is available in chairs or on meditation cushions.

Victorian Multicultural Commission support

We are pleased to thank the Victorian Multicultural Commission for an organisational support grant that it has provided to assist with our introductory meditation and philosophy lecture series.

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