Introductory Series

LEARN TO MEDITATE Five-week course from 1.30 pm Sunday 8 April to Sunday 6 May

Meditation enhances your attention and makes your mind clearer, more stable and perceptive.

Research shows many benefits for the psychological and physical well-being of meditators.

This series of five classes introduces a range of foundation meditation techniques.

You’ll learn Buddhist insights into the nature of mind and practical approaches from the tradition for a happier life with greater well-being.

Jean D’Cruz is the course leader. She is a meditation and Buddhist teacher, who for 25 years was secretary to the Society’s founder, Geshe Loden. She supported his day to day activities in developing the centre and delivering its program, as well supporting the preparation and publishing of his nine books. Jean studied all the teachings in the program delivered by Geshe-la and undertook multiple yearly retreats. She now teaches the range from introductory teachings to tantric methods for experienced students. Jean has degrees in psychology.

MAKING A DIFFERENCE THROUGH MEDITATION Four-week course from 1.30 pm Sunday 20 May to Sunday 17 June (excludes the Queen’s Birthday weekend)

A regular meditation practice can settle our mind, and bring greater peace, clarity and balance to our lives.

The highest purpose of meditation, based on that foundation, is to develop an open heart, to cultivate kindness and become a positive force in our family, community and world – to make a difference in the lives of ourselves and others.

This four-week series of meditations on the great scope tradition of Buddhist thought, introduces the trainings in great compassion and great love and the way to perfect all our good qualities.

Martin Horan is the course leader. He has been a student of the Tibetan Buddhist Society’s founder and spiritual guide for more than 30 years. Martin was a member of the publishing team supporting the preparation of Geshe-la’s nine books. He studied all the teachings of sutra and tantra that Geshe-la taught and now teaches those texts. Martin is a senior lawyer in financial services and is a director of the Tibetan Buddhist Society.

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