Introductory Series

Mindful Living – seven-week introductory course – Sundays 1.30pm from 19 November    

This new introductory series is for anyone wanting to explore a better way of living based on mindfulness and a Buddhist approach. This series, starting on Sunday l9 November, will focus on applying Buddhist approaches to modern life and developing a meditation practice as a foundation for personal flourishing.

The teacher Anthony Joseph did his first meditation retreat at age 16, starting a lifetime of study with the Founder of the Tibetan Buddhist Society the Tibetan Lama Geshe Thubten Loden. Alongside his Buddhist studies, he has worked in senior roles introducing new technologies and most recently has been teaching how to build business relationships on an ethical and mindful foundation.

A better way

By cultivating your mindfulness and insight, and living ethically, your relationships, work, happiness and well-being are enhanced. In this series you’ll learn:

– Different meditation methods allowing you to choose and develop your own path of practice

– How to bring an open and relaxed presence to every situation

– How to be calmer and more resolute in the face of life challenges

– How to expand your warm-heartedness and positivity

– Buddhist insights into the nature of mind and life

This course is based on the book Essence of the Path to Enlightenment by Geshe Thubten Loden. In each session you’ll meditate and have plenty of time for questions and discussion. Afternoon tea after the session is a nice way to meet like-minded people.

Classes are held in our beautiful Tibetan temple from 1.30 to 3 pm. Join any class in the series.

Facility charge is $10 with proceeds supporting the temple.



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