Learn to Meditate on Thursday nights


Thursday nights from 7.30pm to 9pm.

These classes suit anyone interested in an evening of guided meditation, people who’ve done an introductory course and wish to learn more about meditation methods, and people who would like to experience more of the meditations from the Path to Enlightenment (lam.rim).

This program aims to offer:

  • greater understanding about developing your own practice
  • instruction to strengthen your understanding and ability to meditate
  • regular experience in developing clarity, calmness and positive states of mind, and
  • deeper understanding of Buddhist practice, especially within the Tibetan tradition.

Topics will include how to meditate, how to create a meditation session, how to develop mindfulness and concentration, analytic, imaginative and visualisation meditations and a wide range of techniques from the lam.rim.

The class starts at 7.30pm on Thursday nights and finishes at 9pm, followed by tea and cake.

The course is held in our traditional Tibetan temple.  Registration is not required.

Facility charge – $10 per person. Enter through the back of the temple.


  1. Reply
    Nic Pesavento says

    Could you please tell me when these classes will be resuming in 2016? Also, is it possible for a 14 or 16 year old to attend if they are in the company of their parent?
    Many thanks.

    • Reply
      tibetan says


      Classes resume with the new introductory series commencing 1.10PM Sunday 13 March. They’d be fine for someone 14 years old to attend.

  2. Reply
    Amber says

    Hi im wondering when your Thursday night meditation starts and if there is any pre requirements to attend the class.

    • Reply
      tibetan says


      Thursday meditation classes resume 730PM 17 March. There are no pre-requisites to attend. These classes are for new and older students alike.

  3. Reply
    Monika says

    is this Thursday night meditation still on? What are usual class sizes and does this class help you understand the other meditation classes you offer and what path you have to take in order to be able to do the other meditation classes? Thank you

    • Reply
      tibetan says


      Thursday night meditations resume 17 March at 730PM. Class size is usually 10 to 20 people. These sessions are dedicated to meditation, which definitely will help develop insight into the range of Buddhist teachings covered by the other classes.

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