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Our teaching program

Our regular teaching program is on a three week break from 23 September. Classes begin again on Saturday 21 October.

Introductory Classes – new series commencing 1.30pm Sunday October 22

Tim McKibben will introduce a three week series at 1.30pm exploring techniques for developing mindfulness, relaxation and mental tranquillity.

Path to Enlightenment – 4pm Sundays from October 22

Comprising teaching and guided meditation, this series provides practical instruction on the foundation Buddhist concepts and practices. Engaging in the path to enlightenment is the only assured method for progressing from the initial stages of a beginner, through the attitudes of refuge and renunciation, the mind of enlightenment, to the wisdom perceiving ultimate truth and finally Buddhahood.

Vajrayogini Tantra – 7.30pm Mondays, from October 23

For students who have received the Vajrayogini empowerment, these sessions are based on Geshe Loden’s instruction from his commentary on the Vajrayogini Tantra Path to the Union of Clear Light and Illusory Body. The Vajrayogini practice contains special methods for developing the tantric Mahamudra realisation of clear light wisdom.

Yamantaka Tantra – 7.30pm Wednesdays, from October 25

For students who have received the Yamantaka empowerment, these sessions are based on Geshe Loden’s instructions from his commentary on the Yamantaka Tantra, Ocean of Indivisible Method and Wisdom. The Yamantaka practice includes special methods for developing ultimate wisdom, and also methods to overcome hindrances.

Discussion Group – 7.30pm Saturdays, from October 21

These sessions provide an opportunity to discuss the various topics presented in the Path to Enlightenment classes.

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